Teaching Without Telling

Uncategorized Jun 03, 2021

Those who know me will tell you I can talk. I can be loud and just keep talking about taijutsu for as long as there is someone to listen. Actually I talk to myself about it too so I don’t even need someone to listen but that’s a different story.

This one is about teaching. Teaching this art is not telling someone what I know it is about helping them discover the principles on their own. Back in 1992 when my teacher Mark Davis had me start a training group he told me that my job was to create an experience / experiment for the student so that they discover the principle I want them to learn without me telling it to them.

At the time my thought was how the hell am I supposed to do that. Where do I start? Over the years as I thought about it and worked with it I realized that to even begin to teach this way I have to already understand the principle. That means I have to already have done the experiments, worked through them and understand, or in other words, been a good student.

Shinobi Science is the culmination of those years of experimentation. We don’t tell people what we think ninjutsu and ninpo taijutsu is. We show them how to be good students and lead them through the experiments so that they discover the principles within our art.

This method of training is kind of like the Spiderman line, with great power comes great responsibility. The training is very powerful because the student discovers the principle themself and that discovery and awareness helps rewire their brain with the new understanding. However to take advantage of this training the student has to take responsibility for their own training and follow the experimentation of the Shinobi Formula.

Teaching this way is not about me demonstrating and showing what I can do. It is all about making the experiment parameters understandable and then guiding the students through that experiment with the Shinobi Formula so they can discover what they can do.

We look forward to training with you.

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