The Hidden Kunoichi

Uncategorized Nov 24, 2020

Kunoichi is the term for a female ninjutsu practitioner. It is also the name of a way of fighting which originated from the parameters of the traditional clothing and shoes the women wore. The kimono and geta would hinder certain movements so their stance and taijutsu movement had to adapt. It still used the same principles of gravity and body structure alignment, however the shape and movements became smaller.

The kunichi style is deceptively strong and can be extremely vicious. A few common tools were nails, hair pins and fans. These weapons could be hidden and used to strike without anyone seeing or perceiving them. They could also be used in a raking, stabbing or a hooking fashion. Kunoichi is a very versatile style.

There is a misconception that the kamae and movement of the kunoichi is for women only. 

This fighting system is designed for anyone at a size disadvantage and is excellent for close in fighting within arms length. Its principles can also be used, regardless of your size, in restricted spaces such as in a corner, against a wall, or on the ground. The kunoichi’s ability to move and change shape in small spaces is also extremely important in throws and takedowns.

To understand the immensity of our art you have to let go of labeling restrictions and experience all of it. From kunoichi in close fighting to battlefield long distance weapons, for man or woman, what unites all the fighting concepts of our art in a wide spectrum of possibilities is ninpo taijutsu. The understanding of gravitational movement and shapes in time and space that we study with the Shinobi Formula.

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