The Most Powerful Weapon

Uncategorized May 25, 2021

We train with weapons through katas and drills. To understand a weapon as the ninja did you have to live with it. For example with a sword how do you draw it from different positions such as standing, kneeling, running and staying covered? How do you draw your sword in confined spaces? How do you draw it so it doesn’t cut someone unintentionally or get caught in your armour or something else? How do you sheath your sword in all these instances?

How can you use each part of your sword, the scabbard, hilt, tsuba and all sides of the blade to defend and attack? You have to understand not only how to use the weapon but how to retain control of it while grappling, how to defend against someone using a sword and how to disarm them and gain control of the weapon.

How would you move through crowds, courts, cities, forests, fields etc with your sword? You would have to be able to travel for hours, maybe days carrying your weapon and then instantly be ready for battle. Your survival in all of this would depend on energy conservation. To conserve energy you would need to move as efficiently as possible with your weapon; it needs to become a part of the body’s natural fluid movement.

To address all of these needs scientifically we use the Shinobi Formula. With it we learn how to move as efficiently as possible with gravity. That efficiency allows us to conserve energy so it is available to use when necessary to stay safe. This understanding makes our mind the true weapon.

We look forward to training with you.

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