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Uncategorized May 24, 2021

Saturday we trained outdoors again with naginata and bokken. There were many familiar lessons in the day's training. Though the lessons were familiar I saw them from a different perspective. Each time I train with a kata there’s a new little nuance or aha from that kata moment.

A kata is a section of time we examine and try to recreate so we can learn the lessons within it. The closer we recreate this section of time to what actually happened the more we can learn from the kata.

Within a kata there are parameters in place for those few moments that we are studying. To learn the lessons within a kata, we can’t change those parameters. We can’t decide “I wouldn’t move that way or I feel I would do this, I wouldn’t let this happen.”

What you think or feel doesn’t matter. To unlock the kata you have to recreate and discover what the creator of that kata wanted to pass on. What was the intent of the attacker in the kata? What was the threat to the defender? How did this interaction become something that was important enough to be taught and handed down through generations? What are the lessons within a kata that teach us how to lead safer and happier lives?

We look forward to training with you.

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