To Fight Or Not To Fight

Uncategorized Mar 31, 2021

Though we study the art of war, we do so not to fight. We train so that when something chaotic happens we can steer it toward a peaceful resolution. We do this by understanding the art of conflict to resolve it in the safest way possible for all. Using violence or fighting is the last resort we seek as a solution.

We do not engage in fighting to prove ourselves or to stoke our ego. We do not fight to win honor. We are not competitive in our fighting and training.We do not do this to get in shape or for sport.

We fight to protect family, friends and ourselves. We fight for those who face injustice or can not fight to protect themselves. We learn to fight to end dangerous, harmful, violent, unjust conflicts. We fight to go home. We fight to survive.

This doesn’t mean we can’t fight. If we decide it is necessary to do so we are not restricted by any rules or codes of what is just other than our own moral compass. We will do whatever is needed with what is appropriate to end the violence as quickly as possible.

At Shinobi Science we train to protect ourselves from internal and external harmful thoughts, words and actions. We train to live happy healthy lives and be a positive energy to those we come in contact with.

We look forward to training with you.

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