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Uncategorized Jan 04, 2021

Training in this art creates a unique friendship and great trust in each other. The more you learn and the more you understand and train in the art, you quite literally become more dangerous. Your knowledge of how to defend yourself becomes greater. To defend oneself takes many shapes - not to be there in the first place, to disappear, to avoid, to escape, to dissuade, to harm, and worse.

Yet while training in this we become more cognizant of how fragile we are, how easily we could get hurt or hurt our partner. The art teaches us how to defend ourselves mentally, spiritually and physically and at the same time teaches us compassion and the desire to protect those around us, our family.

Overtime and training, your training partners become more than a friend, they become family. A family that is as important to you as any family you belong to. A family you want to protect. As we become more skilled and dangerous through training we also become more skilled at protection. Protecting ourselves and our training partners as we explore the art together.

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We look forward to training with you.

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