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Uncategorized Apr 27, 2021

Teki Gaeshi is a Chuden level Koto Ryu kata. A couple of weeks ago Mark was teaching this kata in the Togakure Ryu class I take. He was explaining it from the Togakure Ryu view point and demonstrating it that way.

Togakure Ryu uses the Koto Ryu and Gyoko Ryu katas in unconventional ways to make the same outcome happen to the uke/opponent. Today I asked Dennis if we could look at this kata so I could train in it to better understand the lesson Mark was teaching.

So we took the original kata from Koto Ryu and put it in Ninja Lab. I had not seen the Koto Ryu version before. Training in it I discovered so many cool things.

I have a habit of holding my arm a certain way that is appropriate for the Koto Ryu katas I have studied but not for this one. What I thought was the entry strike to the person did not get the correct result, after experimenting I found the correct strike and location to off balance the person. This result led to the proper alignment for the kick in this Koto Ryu version.

The Togakure Ryu version Mark had shown did not have a kick but the same results were achieved as the Koto Ryu one we worked on today. Playing with the Koto Ryu version helped me better understand the Togakure Ryu versions I had seen previously. I look forward to training and exploring with both versions more.

We look forward to training with you.

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