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Uncategorized Nov 21, 2020

Over the last few weeks here at Shinobi Science we have looked at bofuri, our staff spinning system for cover, ura gyaku, an inward wrist lock, and kunoichi, female ninja, body alignment and movement. So today at our Saturday outdoor training we had a question about each. 

One person had asked about bofuri rotating forward instead of backward. A couple had asked about the rotational shape motion from our kunoichi training. And another was asking about the shape experiments we were doing to have the ura gyaku emerge from off balancing the attacker instead of trying to put the lock on.


What is so powerful about ninpo taijutsu and the Shinobi Science Formula we use to describe it is that they apply to all situations allowing me to answer all three questions with one drill. The kunoichi body movement was used to power the forward rolling bofuri and using one of the ura gyaku shapes as the transition from side to side.


This combination of concepts is possible because instead of looking at these as three different things, we were focusing on our Shinobi formula and the taijutsu. The formula defines our gravitational relationship to our body shape and its relationship to the attacker’s shape in time and space. When studied this way your focus can remain on the one formula and give rise to the many aspects as emergent properties without the need to change your focus from one to the other.


It is this understanding of one underlying principle that gives rise to all the possible outcomes. Our art is not collected and regurgitated. It comes from discovering through science the taijutsu in all the kata models until you become the taijutsu and all the kata become possible.


We look forward to training with you.



PS If you would like to find out more about the Shinobi formula click the link below.


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