Winter Solstice

Uncategorized Dec 21, 2020

Today is the winter solstice so the days will start lengthening. That said there is still a lot of winter to weather. I walk every day and the thing about this time of year that I notice the most is how quiet nature is. Quiet. Winter quiet. Everything that is not dormant is listening, is quietly paying attention to the environment. So focussed to surviving until spring when birth occurs.

As spring approaches nature starts to speak up until it is yelling. The snow and ice melt, streams start flowing. Birds migrate back. Animals that hibernate wake up and start moving again. Animals change their patterns and where they eat and roam.There’s new growth on trees and bushes. Dens and nests are created. There are new babies to nurture and raise. The foundations of future generations are laid.

The quiet I feel on my winter walks is the same I feel when training or when I have had to use our art. When I follow the Shinobi formula my body becomes calm and listens to the environment around me. Taking in any nuance in sound, scent, color, energy, vibration and movement. So focussed on staying safe and acting appropriately in the moment so there will be other moments. Creating the foundation for my future.

If you would like to experience how Shinobi Science can lead you to the quiet power of nature click the link below.

We look forward to training with you.

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