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Uncategorized Dec 14, 2020

Several years ago at a weekend long training event there was a man asking if there was anyone who came from New England. My training partner and I answered yes. Then he asked if either of us knew or trained with Mark Davis. I responded yes every week.

He told me how Mark had done a post on some drills to practice sword skills without a partner and how helpful it was for him. He was not used to training without a partner but now he was stationed in an area where there were no dojos for him to train at. He said he had asked Mark in the comments to post more and then emailed Mark asking for the same but had not seen or heard anything since.

My first thought was well, why should he give you free information? Mark took responsibility for his own training. He has financially invested tens of thousands of dollars, maybe more, and invested decades of time in training to learn and teach this art. What makes people think that they deserve access to his knowledge without compensating him?

My second thought was I am very lucky to have Mark and Dennis as teachers. They have always taught us drills and concepts that we can train with and without a partner. They have given us homework to work on and suggested books to read. So when I train on something new or work on an existing skillI I have many ideas and drills on how ro train it. They taught me to take responsibility for my own training.

Shinobi Science makes all of those ideas and drills available to you. It even goes one step further. The Shinobi formula gives you a way to know how to train and measure your progress at the same time. The formula gives you the feedback to know whether you are striking or moving so as not to injure yourself. It teaches you when you are open or covered and when you are moving effectively. The formula gives you a way to measure your safety.

If you would like to take responsibility for and invest in your own training with Shinobi Science click the link below for more information.

We look forward to training with you.

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