Choose the Shinobi Science option that is right for you.

Our intent is to create a science based training community made up of training groups around the world, all working at their desired level via the internet with the Shinobi Science Ninja Lab in New Hampshire and supporting each other in exploring all of ninjutsu.

With every Shinobi Science option you have access to hundreds of hours of training material, designed to be used whether training alone, with a partner or in a training group. Choose the level that fits best with your life and training needs.

Shinobi Science

The Shinobi Science Package contains all the lessons that would be needed to get a black belt level of understanding and would be great for anyone just starting out or maybe someone leading a training group who would like to learn how to go deeper into studying the kata. It doesn’t matter if you are in the Bujinkan, To-Shin Do, or any of the other ninjutsu organizations or even a different martial art. Shinobi Science gives you a science base system for training and improving. Which kata you use is completely up to you.

  • This package includes eight courses beginning with the Shinobi Science System which outlines the underlying science and three sets of Ninja Lab experiments used in this training system along with the introduction of the Shinobi Formula and how to use it for unlocking the secrets hidden in kata.
  • Next is the Advanced Shinobi Formula course, which unlocks the dual aspect of using the Shinobi Formula for not only learning ninpo taijutsu but also for the use of ninpo taijutsu in an actual conflict. This one course could change your entire understanding of ninpo taijutsu training.
  • Then there are the Skill Set Courses. Each uses the Shinobi Formula in the fundamental kata models of Koto Ryu and Gyokko Ryu to help you experiment and discover the six primary skill levels of ninpo taijutsu; Body and Weapon are One, Evasion and Escape, Distance and Alignment, Timing and Intent, Cover and Control, and Decision Making Under Pressure.

Shinobi Science


  • Shinobi Science System
  • Advanced Shinobi Formula
  • Body and Weapon are One
  • Evasion and Escape
  • Distance and Alignment
  • Timing and Intent
  • Cover and Control
  • Decision Making Under Pressure

Shinobi Science Plus

The Shinobi Science Plus Package includes everything in the Shinobi Science package with the addition of six more specialty courses, each using the Shinobi Formula in all the Ninja Lab experiments to look at the specifics of each subject. In these courses we take you through the process of using Shinobi Science to learn and discover the hidden principles of our art. All of these specialty courses will continue to be added to and grow as we explore and experiment with them in Ninja Lab.

  • The Nine Advanced Capabilities in Ninja Lab uses the Shinobi Formula in the fundamental kata models of Koto Ryu and Gyokko Ryu to discover and explore the nine advanced capabilities of ninpo taijutsu; Effortless Power, Controlling Balance of Opponent, Using Energy of Opponent, Being Untouchable, Sensing Intent, Affecting Intent, Seeing Future Outcomes, Creating Situational Reality, and Invisibility.
  • The Mind Science in Ninja Lab course uses modern science to explore the focus, awareness, and meditative techniques of the ninja which lead to the understanding that there is no separation of mind and body. All the training that follows, while physical, is designed to use neuroplasticity for you to develop the perception of the ninja.
  • The Kunoichi In Ninja Lab course not only looks at the specifics of how the female ninja fought, but also the conceptual ideas of using space and gravity instead of muscular force to survive a violent situation. It looks at what our teacher calls asymmetrical situations where you are at a disadvantage and studies the ways to use that disadvantage to your advantage.
  • The Weapons In Ninja Lab course applies all the skills and capabilities learned through Shinobi Science to the use of weapons. In ninjutsu we use all types of weapons which are generally classified into one of five categories: blades, sticks, projectiles, flexibles, and combination weapons. Each weapon we look at in Ninja Lab is studied from four perspectives: use of weapon, weapon retention, defense of that weapon, and weapon disarming.
  • The Locks, Throws And Chokes In Ninja Lab course is pretty self explanatory and like the Weapons in Ninja Lab course applies all the skills and capabilities discovered through Shinobi Science. It looks at how to apply locks,chokes and throws scientifically along with how to escape and counter them.
  • The Ground Fighting In Ninja Lab course looks at surviving and escaping attacks gone to the ground but that is just the beginning. Ninjutsu and Shinobi Science look at the ground not only as a location but also as a tool to be used in every violent situation. Combined with the asymmetrical fighting ideas of the Kunoichi in Ninja Lab course this course takes a broad look at all the ways the ground and terrain can be used for your defense.

Shinobi Science Plus


  • Everything in Shinobi Science
  • The Nine Advanced Capabilities
  • Mind Science in Ninja Lab
  • Kunoichi In Ninja Lab
  • Weapons In Ninja Lab
  • Locks, Throws, and Chokes
  • Ground Fighting In Ninja Lab

Shinobi Science Full Access

The Shinobi Science Full Access Package contains everything from the previous two packages, with the addition of Ninja Lab and two more courses exploring the historical and modern kata models in Ninja Lab. Which means like the specialty courses these will be evolving and growing as we go through each of the kata within the different schools and levels.

  • The Takamatsu-den in Ninja Lab course looks at the nine historical ryu-ha that make up the Bujinkan by applying Shinobi Science and sharing the discoveries we make. This course does NOT claim to teach “the way” to do these kata, that is up to Dr. Hatsumi and the newly appointed soke of each lineage to say. We are using Shinobi Science to help understand the amazing concepts within these techniques.
  • The To-Shin Do in Ninja Lab looks at the kata of the five elemental levels that lead to black belt in To-Shin Do. Again as above this course does NOT claim to teach “the way” to do these kata, that is up to Stephen and Rumiko Hayes to say. Once again we are using Shinobi Science to understand the concepts within.

While there are hundreds of hours of recorded material to watch and experiment with, Shinobi Science Full Access members have even more. You can keep up to date and interact with the training happening here in New Hampshire directly through live Ninja Lab classes, the Ninja Lab Archive and the Ninja Lab Training Board.

  • Live Ninja Lab classes are where you can watch and participate in the training experiments we are doing at our dojo in New Hampshire. You and your training partners can follow along step by step during class to uncover the principles of ninpo taijutsu. You can ask questions and interact with the instructors in real time.
  • The Ninja Lab archive. No need to worry if you can’t make a Ninja Lab training session live. You can access a six-month archive of recorded Ninja Lab classes to watch at your leisure. This way you never miss a great class.
  • The Ninja Lab Training Board. At any time you can visit the private training board to ask questions, post videos and share your results from your own experiments and training. Keep up to date and join in taijutsu conversations with other members and get feedback from the teachers.

Shinobi Science Full Access


  • Everything in Shinobi Science Plus
  • Takamatsu-den in Ninja Lab
  • To-Shin Do in Ninja Lab
  • Live Ninja Lab
  • The Ninja Lab Archive
  • The Ninja Lab Training Board

Shinobi Science Ninja Lab Membership

Do you live near Plaistow, New Hampshire?

If so you can join us here in the dojo for unlimited in person training. We have classes Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings along with Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday day classes. Classes run for an hour and a half to two hours and are open to all levels training together.

We work as a team to understand the amazing lessons in our art and train as a family having fun and protecting each other as we learn. This is why we have prospective students fill out an application and then if accepted we have a 90 day tryout period for you and us to decide if you and Shinobi are a good fit.

Plus Shinobi Science Ninja Lab membership includes online access to everything in the Shinobi Science Full Access package along with three more bonus courses.

  • The Shinobi Skills Set Bonus Package includes hundreds of hours of additional training from classes and seminars exploring each of the six skills.
  • The Boxing in Ninja Lab Course is our trip through Jack Dempsey’s book on boxing skills and techniques, all the punches, feints, ducks, blocks experimented and trained within Ninja Lab.
  • The Matrix of Martial Arts Series is the predecessor to Shinobi Science. It is all the training concepts and experiments that led to the Shinobi Science formula. You can see the history and evolution of ideas over our decades of training grow and morph into what we now call Shinobi Science.

Shinobi Science Ninja Lab Membership

90 Day Tryout $497

then $187/m

  • Unlimited In Person Training at Dojo
  • Everything in Shinobi Science Full Access
  • Shinobi Skills Set Bonus Package
  • Boxing in Ninja Lab
  • Matrix of Martial Arts Series

Shinobi Science Private Coaching Program

Take your training to the highest level by applying for the Shinobi Science Private Coaching program. The training covers all aspects of using Shinobi Science to unlock the principles within martial arts. You meet one hour a week for eight to twelve weeks directly with the Shinobi Science Instructors either in person or online.

Shinobi Science Private Coaching Program

  • Scheduled Private Training with Shinobi Science Instructors
  • 12 months access to Shinobi Science Full Access
  • 12 months access to Shinobi Skills Set Bonus Package
  • 12 months access to Boxing in Ninja Lab
  • 12 months access to Matrix of Martial Arts Series