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How To Take Control Of Your Training In Uncertain Times With Shinobi Science

A story of science, adaptation and hope...

Recently one of our students was explaining his results from a training experiment. Another student said she had gotten similar results and they began discussing where they thought this would lead. We were smiling because their discussion was heading exactly where the lesson was supposed to.

Now this is not a totally unexpected result when training but at the time none of us were together. One student was at home in California, the other at her home here in New Hampshire and we were at the dojo. All of this was happening live online because of the pandemic.

Makes you think...

What if where students are learning is not as important as how they are learning?

Since 1992 we have been trying to help people see and understand this amazing martial art, which can provide them with a key to being safe, healthy and happy. After all these years of teaching the ninja sciences we came to understand something surprising.

Learning doesn't happen in the space between the student and the teacher. Learning happens in the space between the students' ears.

Historically martial arts instructors were very selective of their students. This was because they would enter into a mentor and apprentice relationship that would last many years as they led their students to discovering the secrets of their art. This was the way of martial arts for centuries.

Then in the 1960’s after Elvis got a black belt in under a year, everyone wanted one. This kicked off the change in the martial arts industry from teaching the arts for mastery to selling black belts. They switched from the proven mentor and apprentice educational model to the rote memorization and regurgitation of today.

This selling of belt ranks was accomplished by dividing curriculum information into small simple packets and making rank advancement based mostly on time or classes attended, basically just participation. Breaking learning into subjects for belt ranks that can be learned by rote memorization is the most economical way to deliver information to the most people, which was good for business.

However, teaching separated into these small packets and moving people along based on time versus comprehension leaves gaps in their understanding which will eventually create a point where the student simply can't learn anything more advanced. This point would lead to frustration for students and cause them to quit training. The martial arts industry response to this was to lower requirements to meet the lack of understanding. This way customers continued to feel good about themselves and kept paying.

This isn’t just happening in the martial arts. Our entire educational system for decades has been “teaching for testing.” Scientific research in neurology is showing that the divide and separate teaching model is not how the brain builds learning. The brain needs to make relations and connect concepts across intellectual borders to form neuronets of understanding. It was clear to us that effective martial arts training must be based on this concept.

In order to become a martial artist we believe you must first be a martial scientist. You must take responsibility for your own training and do the science. Martial arts techniques are scientific teaching models that need to be experienced over time, taken apart and learned from, not just memorized and then rotely repeated for a prize. 

We understand the idea of holding the student to a standard of complete understanding and NOT just bribing them with a belt rank scares most martial arts school owners. They think no one will want to train like that and it will be bad for business.

We spent years trying to force this thousand year old unending martial art into the chopped up belt ranking teaching systems of the martial arts industry and frankly it just didn’t work for us. Mainly because we were more interested in the student's understanding than their belt rank. We knew there had to be a way to promote self responsibility and real understanding in the student and at the same time, stay in business. So we turned to science.

We looked at physics. We explored human physiology. We found and tested a number of educational models. We researched psychology and neuroscience to understand how the brain works. It was then that we discovered the ancient mind sciences and training methods of the ninja mirrored the modern understanding of the neuroplasticity of the brain, which is the key to learning.

Simply stated, it isn’t what we are telling our students that matters, it is what they discover and then more importantly what they are telling themselves based on their discoveries that leads to understanding.

The students from our online training session weren’t waiting for us to give them the answers to memorize, they were experimenting and discovering principles on their own.

Unlocking the secrets of the martial arts is not done by blindly following teaching methodologies designed to sell belts to the masses. It comes from students taking responsibility for themselves, alone, with a training partner or in small training groups, using scientific experimentation to unlock the power and potential of neuroplasticity.

The pandemic limited our ability to train in person and probably won’t be the last crisis to interfere. But effective martial arts training is not about students coming to the dojo to get a belt, it's about us using scientific experimentation to systematically lead our students so they discover the magic of martial arts on their own.

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What is Shinobi Science?

Shinobi Science is NOT another curriculum, system or organization. It is a science based training method. We have created a science based formula to explain Ninpo Taijutsu, the ninja body movement system. The Shinobi Formula is the foundation of all our training.

Running the Shinobi Formula in training experiments with the kata models brings the ancient lessons of the ninja back to life. The principles of our art, which were cleansed by the sword in battle, live again and become yours to incorporate into your life.


How Can You Experience Shinobi Science?

Apply for membership in the Shinobi Science Training Community online or locally at the dojo in Plaistow NH.

The Shinobi Science Training Community

If you have always wanted to learn the ninja martial arts and would like to be part of a group of dedicated practitioners working together to unlock the secrets in our art then the Shinobi Science Training Community is for you.


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Members are welcome to join us live on Zoom for Ninja Lab classes where we go through training experiments step by step to uncover the principles of ninpo taijutsu.

No need to worry if you can’t make a session. You can access a six-month archive of recorded Ninja Lab classes to watch at your leisure.

Then you can visit The Training Board where members can ask questions and share their results from their own experiments and training.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of material available with the Shinobi Science Training Community. You have access to hundreds of hours of training material to use whether training alone, with a partner or in a training group.

You start with the Shinobi Science System, which introduces you to the use of the Shinobi Formula in kata models with three sets of Ninja Lab experiments to unlock the principles of ninpo taijutsu.

Followed by the Advanced Shinobi Formula course, which unlocks the dual aspect of using the Shinobi Formula for not only learning ninpo taijutsu but also for the use of ninpo taijutsu in an actual conflict. This one course could change your entire understanding of ninpo taijutsu training.

The Ninja Mind Science course uses modern science to explore the focus, awareness, and meditative techniques of the ninja which lead to the understanding that there is no separation of mind and body. All the training that follows, while physical, is designed to use neuroplasticity for you to develop the perception of the ninja.

When properly applied, the kamae reflects the ninja's heart. This means that our physical nature conforms to our intentions, and there is no division between our interior and exterior aspects. This state of integrated mind and body action is totally natural, and can be observed readily in the movements of animals as they interact with their environment. Only human beings seem to develop the need to be trained in natural body motion. -Masaaki Hatsumi

Next are the Skill Set Courses. Each uses the Shinobi Formula in the fundamental kata models of Koto Ryu and Gyokko Ryu to help you discover the six primary skill levels of ninpo taijutsu:

  1. Body and Weapon are One
  2. Evasion and Escape
  3. Distance and Alignment
  4. Timing and Intent
  5. Cover and Control
  6. Decision Making Under Pressure

Advanced Training For The Nine Capabilities is one very large course using the Shinobi Formula in the fundamental kata models of Koto Ryu and Gyokko Ryu to discover and explore the nine capabilities of ninpo taijutsu:

  1. Effortless Power
  2. Controlling Balance of Opponent
  3. Using Energy of Opponent
  4. Being Untouchable
  5. Sensing Intent
  6. Affecting Intent
  7. Seeing Future Outcomes
  8. Creating Situational Reality
  9. Invisibility

The Specialty Courses are next, each using the Shinobi Formula in all the Ninja Lab experiments to look at the specifics of each subject:

  1. Kunoichi In Ninja Lab
  2. Weapons In Ninja Lab
  3. Locks, Throws And Chokes In Ninja Lab
  4. Ground Fighting In Ninja Lab

And last are the Historical Ryu-ha Courses where we will explore the kata models of each school using the entire Shinobi System by applying the Shinobi Formula in all the Ninja Lab Experiments. All of these will be evolving and growing as we go through each of the kata within the different scroll levels. The traditions being worked on currently include:

  • Togakure Ryu
  • Gyokko Ryu
  • Koto Ryu

Our intent is to create an online science based training group made up of smaller training groups around the world, supporting each other in exploring all of ninjutsu. This is the goal of Shinobi Science!


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Is The Shinobi Science Training Community Right For You?

Whether you train alone, with a partner, in a training group or a dojo, in these days of covid and unrest, your martial arts training has more than likely changed, stalled or been disrupted. You can continue to train and expand your knowledge and skills if you are willing to approach your training and learning in a different way.

As a martial scientist you can follow a path of experimentation in order to learn and expand your understanding of ninpo taijutsu. This is a martial art that really teaches mind over muscle. It actually addresses the asymmetrical nature of most violent attacks where the attacker or attackers are always at the advantage. It has techniques and principles designed specifically for this understanding.

Here at Shinobi Science we help martial arts enthusiasts use a science based training methodology so that they can go beyond the need for size, strength, and speed to unlock the hidden magic in martial arts.

But it's not for everyone.

We do not work with children under the age of thirteen*, we’re not about competition or belt ranks and there are no martial arts politics allowed.

Here's who we are looking for:

If you agree with the idea there is always more to learn. If you are able to open your mind to radically different ideas, and if you are willing to use science to move forward in your understanding, then we invite you to apply for membership in the Shinobi Science Training Community.

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About Our Ninja Martial Arts And Us

Just in case you haven't read enough yet about Shinobi Science here's a little more :)

Secrets From Long Ago

The Ninja of ancient Japan were martial arts wizards who unlocked the secrets of body, mind and science in order to protect their family and friends. Nine families through time have passed down these lessons in secret to the current generation.


Discovered Once More

In the 1970’s a young man, named Stephen K. Hayes, traveled to Japan with the unlikely goal of finding the ninja. He succeeded, joined the ninja, became a direct student of and through his seminars, books and videos introduced the world to the last grandmaster of the ninja, Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi, head of the Bujinkan Dojo.


Shared With The World

Today these historical lessons are taught around the world along with concepts and training methods applicable for westerners in the twenty-first century. Shinobi Science, with over three decades of training in the ninjutsu, can be your guide.


"Shinobi Martial Arts just made sense. I brought my daughter here to learn some self-defense and ended up joining myself. The people are friendly, and their martial arts knowledge is second to none. We always have a great time here, while learning how to stay alive in the crazy world of today. I can't recommend it enough. "

SMAU Student

"Having trained in multiple martial arts for more than 10 years, I enthusiastically endorse Shinobi Martial Arts. The curriculum is safe and non-aggressive, but devastating in its power. Shinobi serves all ages and body types. The dojo has a casual, affirming atmosphere. Women train in an environment of equality and respect with no macho posturing. I earned a black belt from Shinobi, my second, and turned 60 in the same year. Shinobi is effective martial arts for the rest of us."

SMAU Student

Time Tested Results

Our ninja martial arts have been cleansed by the sword, they were created in actual combat and only the principles that worked, regardless of size and strength, were shared through the generations and passed on to us. A bad technique literally died on the battlefield.


Adapted To Our Time 

Handed down by nine historical Japanese family lineages these self protection concepts are now being applied to the situations and dangers we face today through our cutting edge training programs.


For Your Well Being

Our martial arts are about magic not muscle. They were developed as ways to increase the likelihood of peace, security, and well being not as ways to encourage violence. We invite you to join us on the path of the Ninja warrior wizards of Japan.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”– Arthur C. Clark


Years of Experience Combined With An Endless Sense of Humor

Ninjutsu is about surviving violence and opression both physically and verbally. This can be serious stuff. The best way to learn it is by training with people who can make it safe and fun!

Dennis Mahoney

Dennis Mahoney started martial arts training in 1983 and began training in the ninja martial arts in 1988. He continues to train with Mark Davis and teach as a member of An-shu Stephen K. Hayes' To-Shin Do Shihan Kai Master Instructors Board while making science channel and 80s movie references along the way. He was awarded the To-Shi warrior name of Fuutoshi, "Warrior of The Evil Repelling Blade". 


Theresa Murphy

Theresa began training in 1983 and started training in the ninja martial arts in 1999. She continues her training with Dennis Mahoney, Mark Davis, and An-shu Rumiko Hayes while teaching at Shinobi Science and laughing joyfully everytime she takes Dennis to the floor. Theresa was awarded the To-Shi warrior name of Mantoshi, "Warrior of The Boundless Potential Blade".


The Instructors At Shinobi Science Are Proud Training Members Of:

Mark Davis' New England Ninpo Society (BMAC)

The Boston Martial Arts Center has been activily training and teaching in the Boston area for over 25 years. It has grown from a small, dedicated group of practitioners into the best martial arts and self-defense training in New England.


Stephen K. Hayes’ To-Shin Do® Kasumi-An Organization

To-Shin Do is based on ancient warrior martial arts disciplines handed down by nine historical Japanese samurai and ninja family lineages. At the same time it is a modern approach to handling threats and confrontations in our culture today.


The Bujinkan Dojo of Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi

The Bujinkan (武神館) is an international martial arts organization based in Japan and headed by Masaaki Hatsumi. The combat system taught by this organization comprises nine separate ryūha, or schools, which are collectively referred to as Bujinkan Budō Taijutsu. 


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