Welcome to the Shinobi Science and Ninja Lab training community.

Where martial arts enthusiasts come together online and in person to use scientific experimentation and humor to unlock the hidden magic in our ninja martial arts.

What is Shinobi Science?

Shinobi Science is NOT another curriculum. It is a science based training method. We have created a science formula to explain Ninpo Taijutsu, the ninja body movement system. The Shinobi Science Formula is the foundation of all our training.

Running the Shinobi Science Formula in training experiments with the kata models brings the ancient lessons of the ninja back to life. The principles of our art, which were cleansed by the sword in battle, live again and become yours to incorporate into your life. And the best part...it's fun!

A step by step training program.

You have access to hundreds of hours of prerecorded video lessons that take you step by step through the Shinobi Science training program.  Then hundreds of hours more of applying the Shinobi Science system to the kata, techniques, and specialties of our lineage to unlock the secrects of our ninja martial arts.

Watch Ninja Lab classes live online.

Every Ninja Lab class from our dojo in Plaistow New Hampshire is broadcast live on Zoom. Ninja Lab members can watch and interact with questions and comments. Don't worry if you miss one. Every Ninja Lab is recorded and we keep a full six months archived and available for you to refer back to whenever you want.

Get your questions answered.

As a Ninja Lab member you can get your questions answered on our private training board. Members share videos, thoughts, and questions whenever they want and get feedback directly from the Shinobi Martial Arts instructors. We work as a community sharing discoveries so that we can all benefit and move forward with our understanding.

Try an experiment from Shinobi Science.

Watch this short video and try a Shinobi Science experiment. You can do it on your own without a training partner.


David Glover

I was excited by the opportunity to remotely learn from you on a regular basis versus sporadically throughout the year at seminars or visits. I appreciate the opportunity to train alongside your dojo students in real-time as well as having the option to view recorded classes and library content. I have gone back quite a few times to revisit material previously covered. So much to continue to explore!

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Take a peak inside Shinobi Science and Ninja Lab.

Have you always wanted to learn the ninja martial arts? Would you like to be part of a group of dedicated practitioners working together to unlock the secrets of our art? Then Shinobi Science is for you. Watch this video to take a look inside.

Celeste Roam

I tell my family and friends that I have really enjoyed learning and empowering myself as a woman with this program. I love the way the information is delivered and the personal support interaction. I recommend all women should take this program. Plus, I love supporting good people, and these people are good peeps to support!

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What do you get with Shinobi Science and Ninja Lab Training Community?

Ninja Lab Members are welcome to join us at the dojo or live on Zoom for Ninja Lab classes where we go through training experiments step by step to uncover the principles of ninpo taijutsu.

No need to worry if you can’t make a session. You can access a six-month archive of recorded Ninja Lab classes to watch at your leisure.

Then you can visit The Training Board where members can ask questions and share their results from their own experiments and training.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of material available with the Ninja Lab Training Community. You have access to hundreds of hours of training material to use whether training alone, with a partner or in a training group.

You start with the Shinobi Science System, which introduces you to the use of the Shinobi Formula in kata models with three sets of Ninja Lab experiments to unlock the principles of ninpo taijutsu.

Followed by the Advanced Shinobi Formula course, which unlocks the dual aspect of using the Shinobi Formula for not only learning ninpo taijutsu but also for the use of ninpo taijutsu in an actual conflict. This one course could change your entire understanding of ninpo taijutsu training.

The Ninja Mind Science course uses modern science to explore the focus, awareness, and meditative techniques of the ninja which lead to the understanding that there is no separation of mind and body. All the training that follows, while physical, is designed to use neuroplasticity for you to develop the perception of the ninja.

When properly applied, the kamae reflects the ninja's heart. This means that our physical nature conforms to our intentions, and there is no division between our interior and exterior aspects. This state of integrated mind and body action is totally natural, and can be observed readily in the movements of animals as they interact with their environment. Only human beings seem to develop the need to be trained in natural body motion. -Masaaki Hatsumi

Next are the Skill Set Courses. Each uses the Shinobi Formula in the fundamental kata models of Koto Ryu and Gyokko Ryu to help you discover the six primary skill levels of ninpo taijutsu:

  1. Body and Weapon are One
  2. Evasion and Escape
  3. Distance and Alignment
  4. Timing and Intent
  5. Cover and Control
  6. Decision Making Under Pressure

Advanced Training For The Nine Capabilities is one very large course using the Shinobi Formula in the fundamental kata models of Koto Ryu and Gyokko Ryu to discover and explore the nine capabilities of ninpo taijutsu:

  1. Effortless Power
  2. Controlling Balance of Opponent
  3. Using Energy of Opponent
  4. Being Untouchable
  5. Sensing Intent
  6. Affecting Intent
  7. Seeing Future Outcomes
  8. Creating Situational Reality
  9. Invisibility

The Specialty Courses are next, each using the Shinobi Formula in all the Ninja Lab experiments to look at the specifics of each subject:

  1. Kunoichi In Ninja Lab
  2. Weapons In Ninja Lab
  3. Locks, Throws And Chokes In Ninja Lab
  4. Ground Fighting In Ninja Lab

And last are the Historical Ryu-ha Courses where we will explore the kata models of each school using the entire Shinobi System by applying the Shinobi Formula in all the Ninja Lab Experiments. All of these will be evolving and growing as we go through each of the kata within the different scroll levels. The traditions being worked on currently include:

  • Togakure Ryu
  • Gyokko Ryu
  • Koto Ryu

Our intent is to create an online science based training group made up of smaller training groups around the world, supporting each other in exploring all of ninjutsu. This is the goal of Shinobi Science!

It's all about the training.

Whether you run a dojo or training group, you're training with a friend, or you are training alone, Shinobi Science gives you the everything you need to keep progressing in the ninja martial arts.


Kevin Gagnon

Theresa and Dennis are genuinely here to share those secrets with no filters, politics or other shady tactics. Ego-less training where everything is about YOU. They will empower you with a new way of approaching martial arts so that you can do any technique from whatever martial-art or system with a much higher efficiency.

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Is the Shinobi Science and Ninja Lab training community right for you?

Whether you train alone, with a partner, in a training group or a dojo, your martial arts training has more than likely changed, stalled or been disrupted. You can continue to train and expand your knowledge and skills if you are willing to approach your training and learning in a different way.

As a martial scientist you can follow a path of experimentation in order to learn and expand your understanding of ninpo taijutsu. This is a martial art that really teaches mind over muscle. It actually addresses the asymmetrical nature of most violent attacks where the attacker or attackers are always at the advantage. It has techniques and principles designed specifically for this understanding.

Here at Shinobi Science we help martial arts enthusiasts use a science based training methodology so that they can go beyond the need for size, strength, and speed to unlock the hidden magic in martial arts.

But it's not for everyone.

We do not work with children under the age of thirteen*, we’re not about competition or belt ranks and there are no martial arts politics allowed.

Here's who we are looking for:

If you agree with the idea there is always more to learn. If you are able to open your mind to radically different ideas, and if you are willing to use science to move forward in your understanding, then we invite you to apply for membership in the Shinobi Science Training Community either online or in person at our dojo.

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We Learn
We Have Fun

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