Knives Out

Uncategorized Jun 23, 2021

Last night we trained with knives. The attack was being grabbed by the shoulder and then having a knife pressed to the side of our throat. I had a great training partner and even though this is a very uncomfortable and dangerous position we had fun and learned a lot.

I practiced escaping from my partner's hold and taking control of the knife, which I would then redirect towards them. To have some fun I started directing my knife into the other training groups and Dennis. To me it was hilarious. I may not amuse anyone else but I do amuse myself which keeps me smiling, giggling and seeing the world through a child's eyes and wonderment. But I digress.

What was interesting was that as I directed my partner's knife into the others they would tense up and try to move away going against gravity. When the knife got close or made contact with Dennis he reacted by relaxing down and covering, limiting my accessibility to him. He has changed the habitual reaction most of us have to tense up...

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Uncategorized Jun 22, 2021

Success in training is not a right or wrong outcome. Too often we get caught up in that mentality and then follow it up with judgement, quite frequently negative. When you are training on a concept it doesn’t help to label it negative or positive, it’s just feedback, information gathering.

The information we gather while training is the feedback that leads to better training. It tells us if we get cut or die. It tells us that was not the best choice, try another. As we continue to train over the days, weeks, months and years we gather more information and we learn. The feedback we get from all of the training allows us to increase our ability to stay safe and lead a happy life.

We look forward to training with you.

P.S. If you would like to learn more about Shinobi Science online or at the dojo click below.

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Lucky Ninja

Uncategorized Jun 21, 2021

This past week was my 33rd training anniversary in ninpo taijutsu. Back in June of 1988 I went to the YMCA in Roxbury, Boston to meet a guy who was teaching ninjutsu. I had been reading books by Stephen Hayes since 1986 and had visited two or three others claiming to teach ninjutsu but I had been disappointed by what they were doing compared to what I had read. But on that night I walked in and met Mark Davis.

Mark’s physical presence can be intimidating but when he speaks he makes you feel welcome and safe. So I asked questions and we talked. Then Mark told me to hit him with a punch so he could demonstrate for me.

I snapped a karate-like punch that stopped at the tip of his nose. I said to him “you didn’t move” he smiled and said “you didn’t hit me.” So I sent another one at him an inch closer. At the time I didn’t perceive any movement by Mark and once again my punch stopped at the tip of his nose. Once again I said, “you...

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Peanut butter bars

Uncategorized Jun 20, 2021

Peanut butter bars Greased 9x13 pan Oven 350 degrees, approximately 25 minutes

1c flour
½ tsp b. Soda
½ c sugar
1/2c brown sugar packed
1c quick cooking oats
c PB
½ butter room temperature
1 egg

Mix flour and b.soda, then add sugars, oatmeal and mix again.
Add butter, PB and egg mix with fingers or fork until crumbly.
Press into the pan and BAKE!
The recipe calls for a PB frosting to be added when cooled; it is listed below.
Instead when bars are done I put choc chips on top, pop back in the oven 1-2 mins then spread melted choc. over bars, cool

¼ c butter softened
1 ¾ cup xxx sugar
2-3 Tbsp milk
1 tsp vanilla
¼ c PB

Gradually mix in 1 cup sugar with butter. Alternate the ¾c sugar with milk and vanilla. When frosting is smooth, mix in the PB. Frost bars when cool



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Sensing Intent

Uncategorized Jun 19, 2021

Today we trained with advanced capability 5, sensing intent. We used the mind sciences lesson from Thursday night class, sensing gravity, balance and tension in ourselves and our partner versus thinking about doing the kata.

Today we worked on sensing the intent of an attack from behind. The hardest part of today was twofold, one challenge existed on the attacking side and the other challenge on the receiving side.

As an attack some found it difficult to grab their partner and then stab them in the back. (I know it's hard to believe with this group.) To create the same physical shape and intent of a stabbing attack without the mental anguish, the person would say to themselves as they did it; I will move this forward until it is in the space in front of my partner. This allowed the person stabbing to create the effective shape of the stab to the back without thinking about it as such. It also gave their partner the energy and shape necessary for them to sense the intent and use it...

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Calm Chaos

Uncategorized Jun 18, 2021

Last night we trained in the ninja mind sciences. Most people understand this as meditation, breathing, introspection, becoming peaceful. That is just a part of the ninja mind sciences we study.

Last night we trained with osoto gake, a rear hip throw. The version we trained with off balanced your partner by turning them and stepping to their balance to catch them in an awkward hug. They ended up hanging on a gravitational ledge that you controlled. At this point you could direct them to the ground or back up to standing in balance.

We started by doing this mechanically, physical steps, push shoulder, pull elbow, step to their balance, step behind them and hug/support their head. The final step was then to get into gravity and understand the end shape of this kata. We then tried to do this without running through physical steps but sensing where tension in ourselves and our partner held us in place and how to release the tension to create the off balances that led to a controlled...

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Uncategorized Jun 17, 2021

If you have been watching Shinobi Science classes in the last month you may have noticed a dog wandering around, that’s Moxie, also known as Ms. Moxie, Moxiemillian or Moxie socks. She lives with me and has decided she would love to come to the dojo and observe classes and all of our antics.

She loves to say hello and be patted by all. She is constantly vigilant in case a morsel of food is dropped. If you would like to meet Moxie, you can stop by the dojo and train with us. 

We look forward to training with you.


P.S. If you would like to learn more about Shinobi Science online or at the dojo click below.

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Not Just For Kids

Uncategorized Jun 16, 2021

One of the most fantastic things about this art is you don’t have to be physically fit, young or perfectly healthy to learn and train in it. While we all strive to be physically fit and healthy sometimes life throws us a curveball.

I have trained while my arm was in a sling and while on crutches. Dennis has trained on crutches and in a wheelchair. We have students of all ages, some with disabilities and physical limitations, all training and learning how to use gravity for safety with the principles of this art.

That is the main focus of our art: how to survive when you are at a disadvantage. Since that is what we study, the art is malleable to be adapted to any disadvantaged situation.

So while we work to be healthy and physically fit, you don’t have to be healthy, young and physically fit to train and learn this art. No matter what your age, fitness level or health, you can learn to defend yourself with Shinobi Science to live a safe and happy life.

We look forward to...

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We're Training Inside

Uncategorized Jun 15, 2021

The entire Shinobi Science class schedule is back in the dojo for members who have been fully vaccinated. We have evening classes Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 6:30pm, day classes Tuesday and Thursday at 11:30am and Saturday at 10:00am.

If you are vaccinated and want to get started again or if you like to apply for membership click below to get contact information.

We look forward to training with you.

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Comfortable At Being Uncomfortable

Uncategorized Jun 14, 2021

Saturday I had the students start with a drill, standing with their back to their partner. The partner would place their right or left hand on either shoulder. The goal was to see if they could tell which hand was being placed on their shoulder to have a better idea of the person's position.It then progressed through several other drills, and ended with them being against the wall and a knife to their back.

Starting with a very simple drill and then progressing through to a very dangerous violent situation made dealing with the situation less scary, more manageable. It made learning how to deal with the situation somewhat easier. To train with a dangerous and violent situation the more comfortable it is for the student the better they learn. It’s very hard to train and learn if you are uncomfortable, tense and scared.

We want our students to feel safe and comfortable so they can explore violent, uncomfortable and scary situations, to learn how to defend themselves from any...

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